Dear Friends in Inner Wheel,

Hearty Welcome to a new Inner Wheel year 2020-21.

We have embarked upon this year with lot of hopes, aspirations and enthusiasm, but it is full of challenges too, at a time when the whole world is encountering with catastrophic pandemic of COVID-19, where Bangladesh is no exception. A number of our Inner Wheel Members have already lost their near and dear ones and I would like to express my deep condolences to those members, and pray for salvation of the departed souls.

By now Inner Wheel movements in the world has come a long way and already covered a 96 years of successful journey. Soon it is going to celebrate its centenary year, which is matter of great pride and pleasure for all of us in Inner Wheel. Our International leader, IIW President Dr. Bina Vyas has very thoughtfully called upon us to Lead the Change, which is need of the time. She has rightly said, with the change of time, all aspects of our life have been changed and we need to keep pace with these changes.

She has urged upon us to undertake large sustainable community based projects to create international impacts, organize larger clubs and create greater brand awareness about Inner Wheel among the public. Keeping this call in mind, we should undertake some large visible projects, which can create some impact locally, as well as, at international level. We are passing through the most crucial time of the century in mitigating sufferings of thousands of COVID-19 patients everyday, as available healthcare services in the country are not enough to face this unprecedented challenge. Healthcare facilities , like hospital beds are limited, so are the ICU facilities, protective gears, medicines etc. As we really do not know, how long this situation would continue, when the number of affected patients are growing in alarming numbers, we should seriously consider taking up some projects in building up at least some additional facilities in treating COVID patients with the existing healthcare centers.

We, from the District, are contemplating to undertake such a project in cooperation with a local hospital, where we will urge upon all the clubs of the district to join their hands with us in jointly implementing the project, which would certainly create a great impact in our society and help provide required treatments to the COVID patients. I will come back to you shortly, after discussing with our Executive Committee.

During the year, we will put more emphasis in strengthening the existing clubs with enrolling more new members and retaining the old ones. Hence, I will request all the Club Presidents to give their best efforts in this regard and if you need any assistance and guidance from my side, please feel free to contact me any time. While undertaking any club projects, always be careful in proper branding of Inner Wheel and take the advantages of promoting all your activities through social media platforms for wider visibility.

As IIW President has emphasized, we will help implementing various programs of United Nations as per their guide lines towards Youths, Women and Senior citizens of our society. If you have any idea towards implementing any such project, please share with us, so that we can also give our inputs to make it more sustainable and meaningful.

The way we have planned and executed a particular Inner Wheel year in the past, is not certainly going to be the same this year at least. Even if we think very optimistically, we cann’t expect the COVID-19 situation would come to a manageable level in next few months. That means, it might take another few more months thereafter to build up confidence level among the peoples’ mind to come out of their house, fear free and resume normal life again. But ‘time and tide wait for none’, and we have to carry on with our life, whatever situation arises. Due to this COVID situation, we have no choice, but to forgo all our all activities with our physical presence, instead resort to digital platforms. I am sure, all our Inner Wheel members are already tech savvy and they are able to make good use of the digital tools, but who are not yet, will surely make it soon.

Organizing various usual district and club events with physical participation, usually involves lot of expenses; which we will be able to save substantially this year, as digital meetings would cost us nothing. Instead we can save those fund and together we can go for a big district project, jointly with the clubs, if you so desire. We will have a detailed discussion with my team mates in the District and Clubs and plan accordingly.

I take this opportunity to congratulate all the Club Presidents and other Members of the Executive Committee, who have taken over the responsibilities of running their respective clubs for the next one year period and wish them all the best in their sincere efforts in taking the club to a new height. This is year to Lead the Change, as the IIW President has termed and you are the change makers of your club. Think of doing something out of the box, give it a serious try to make it a qualitative change with the club and be a part of the history. My support and cooperation will always be with you.

When there are challenges, there are opportunities too. We will be looking forward for the sunny days ahead, when we all will be able meet again, exchange fellowships and work together to Lead the Change in our life, in our Community and in our society at large. May Allah help and bless us all.

Yours in Inner Wheel.

Tahera Wahid
Inner Wheel District 345