A Brief Insight into District 345

For long the idea to form another Inner Wheel District in Bangladesh stirred the minds of many thinking believing members for the simple reason to move forward with the agenda of forming a National Governing Body or an Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Bangladesh. With membership criteria opening doors to more women besides Rotary and Inner Wheel families, Clubs were growing fast in Bangladesh.

The time is NOW

Thus the long awaited opportunity to form another District in Bangladesh became essential, keeping in mind the Motto – a guiding force in our daily Inner Wheel lives -Friendship – Understanding – Service.

It has not been an easy task, a challenge that needed determination, courage and conviction to find an amicable, fair and harmonious solution. In the words of International President Hylda Armstrong 1975-76:

‘If we keep the golden thread that binds us together, strong and yet flexible so that we can contribute at community, National and International level, then we will have shared the vision of those Rotary wives who first thought of Inner Wheel. It is important to have a past; but more important to have a future.’

We only hope that Bangladesh Inner Wheel membership will have the vision to see, vigour to act, wisdom and generosity to acknowledge this realistic and timely decision of another District. Let us rekindle the spirit of Inner Wheel within us. Let’s inspire and encourage each other. Together we shall be stronger, more friendships will be strengthened and our compassionate services to the communities will bring ground breaking results.

In response to our World President Ms. Abha Gupta’s call “Light the Path”, let’s lend voices, hands, hearts to resist all kinds of violence against women and children. In a society that’s suffering, let’s remove hatred, discord and disharmony with peace and love.